Our Fees

We like to keep everything transparent so you know what you are paying for, we can assure you there are no overhead costs or hidden fees, we simply charge a flat fee per hour for our services.


If you wish to engage us on an ongoing basis our terms of service are as follows: 

A minimum of 6 hours per week with an agreement period of 3 months. If you wish to engage us for more than 6 hours a week we can provide up to 12 hours per week of Administration Support in total. If you require more hours than this please contact us for an individual discussion. Our hourly rate is £25 per hour with no VAT payable (although this may alter in the future).


If you wish to use our Paraplanning services, please contact us to discuss your requirements. As a guide our report fees generally range between £35 to £350 per report depending on the type & complexity of the report. Any fee quoted will be agreed with you prior to undertaking any work.

We use a time tracking facility to record time spent which you are able to view at any time.

Our focus is on providing a dedicated and quality service to a small number of adviser firms rather than just doing a few hours here and there for a large number of firms.

We welcome contracts, one off tasks and projects as well as our on-going retainers.

We are happy to discuss your requirements so please get in touch.